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What is Insurance?

Insurance is an cooperative system designed to protect individuals and Institutions against potential financial losses arising from unexpected incidents possible to insurance. through this procedure, loss incured by one person will be distributed to all persons who contribute in this cooperative system by paying the annual premium.


What kind of risks could be insured?

you can insurance your personal property, your organization property or any legal liability maybe exposed to, Life Insurance and Health Insurance for you and your family.


What various types of insurance are available to people?

You can have Fire Insurance or All Risk Property Insurance for you home, Motor Insurance for you car/s, Travel Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Life Insurance and Health Insurance for you and your family.


What variouse types of insurance are available to Businesses?

You can have insurance to your business through Fire Insurance Policy and special Risks, All Risk Property Insurance, Business Interuption or loss of profits arising from risk of fire, Liability Insurance, Money during transport or in the Safe, Dishonesty Insurance and Goods in Transit in Cargo Insurance...

These are just some types of insurance available, and when you contact us on direct line /5046/ we will help you to choose the appropriate insurance for your businesses.


What is the difference between the Insurance Application and Insurance Policy?

Insurance application is a primary agreement or contract could be accepted or not. Therefore, in case of acceptation the POLICY is issued as a final contract held by both parties, commited to its obligations toward each other.


What is the meaning of the word Policy?

Policy mean: Contract or Document.


Is Insurance Service Or Price?

There is no doubt that the Insurance is Service not Price(Premium), because, simply, an insurance company can give you low price, but when you need its services you'll nit find any response or too late. this applies in particular to propert insurance where the rates are varying, while it supposed to be close. Based on this, you should choose a company that respect its customers with full services, wether its rates are high or low, as well as how fast it wil act with the claims and compensation. thats mean, you should know all about the company reputation in syrian insurance market.


What are the most popular risks and which type of insurance covered?

- Risks of Injuries or Disability of accident coverd by Personal Accident Insurance.

- Risks of Illness covered by Medical Insurance.

- Risks of Motor accidents covered by Motor Insurance.

- Death or Disability covered by Life Insurance.

- Risks of Fire Covered by Fire Insurance.

- Robbery covered by Robbery Insurance

- Risks of Sinking covered by Marine Insurance.

- Risks of Goods Shipping covered by Cargo Insurance (Sea, Land, Air)

- Natural disasters covered by earthquaes insurance.

- Risks of Loss Profits covered by Loss of Profits Insurance.

- Risks of civil and legal liabilities covered by Liability Insurance.